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The company Edel Swiss Ltd is a professional and reliable point of contact for precious metal sellers, as well as a reliable partner in a highly sensitive market. Thanks to the latest technologies, eg precious metal determination by X-ray spectral analysis via computer evaluation, Edel Swiss Ltd calculates the value of the precious metal quickly and accurately to the milligram. In order to be able to offer price advantages to its suppliers, Edel Swiss Ltd renounces the otherwise usual intermediate trade and concentrates exclusively on the work of its company headquarters in Mannheim, besides other measures. Of course, discretion and confidential handling of customer data are our top priorities.

Precious metals 
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Precious metals are metals which are particularly corrosion-resistant. Some precious metals, such as gold and silver, have been used since antiquity to make jewelry and coins. Over the last four centuries, platinum metals have been discovered to show a resistance to corrosion similar to that of gold. Among precious metals in the classical sense are platinum metals, as well as gold, silver and rhodium. Precious metals are not attacked by hydrochloric acid. Precious metals are also distinguished by the fact that many of their compounds are not thermally stable. Thus, silver oxide and mercury oxide are decomposed into their individual elements upon heating. With suitable aggressive chemicals, all precious metals can be dissolved. Gold and some platinum metals dissolve rapidly in aqua regia. Silver, as well as semi-precious metals react actively with nitric acid.


The main task of Edel Swiss is the acquisition of precious metals of all kinds. Which are mainly gold, silver, platinum and palladium. Precious metals delivered by both commercial customers and private customers are melted in the presence of the customer by a qualified specialist and poured into a bar shape. Subsequently, special X-ray spectrometers are used to carry out analyses to show how the precious metals delivered are exactly composed and what value they contain. On the basis of these analytical values, the remuneration is then immediately paid to the supplier at the highest price. At the supplier's request, both immediate cash payment and bank transfer are possible. What do we buy? Old gold, scrap gold, dental gold (with or without teeth), dental crowns, gold bars, gold watches, gold coins, jewelry gold in any form, old silver, scrap silver, solid cutlery service, silver bars, silver coins, silver chandeliers, church silver, silverware, silver jewelry in any form, production remains of jewelers, goldsmiths or gold distributors, platinum as coins, jewelry, medals, laboratory platinum or bars, palladium likewise as jewelry, bars, coins etc.

Acquisition of gold

The acquisition of old gold, dental gold and gold coins etc. is our specialty. If you have specific questions or sales wishes, don't hesitate to contact us. Get in contact with us, and we will answer all your questions. How does the acquisition proceed? We analyze the gold before the acquisition. For this purpose, we have a calibrated high-resolution balance, test acid and a test stone. In the presence of the customer, the delivered or purchased gold is melted and poured into bar form. Subsequently, the value of the bar is immediately determined by an X-ray spectrometer. After the determination of the value, the remuneration is made at the highest price, on request cash payment are possible, too.


Edel Swiss Ltd buys and recycles both silver by private customers like: jewelry silver, silver cutlery, silverware, silver bars, silver coins, silver commemorative coins, medals and fine silver, as well as silver by commercial customers such as: silver remains, electrolytic silver, silver sludge, silver powder, alloy plates, sputtering targets, silver anodes, silver granulate, silver tinsel, silver wire, silver plate, silver cyanide, blanks, laboratory equipment, silver contacts, contact rivets, etc. The silver remains are professionally analyzed by us in the laboratory and purchased at the value of the precious metal contained.

Silver-containing goods

The company Edel Swiss Ltd buys and recycles silverware of all kinds. It is recommended to use the authenticity stamp such as 800, 830, 835, 900, 925 or 10, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16 lot or sterling silver. After analyzing the precious metal, the remuneration per gram of fine silver takes place, while the weight of steel knife blades and sand or wax fillings, if applicable, are subtracted.

Refining materials 

Precious metal separation is understood as the technical separation of precious metal alloys into the individual constituents. Since most precious metal alloys also occur with base metals in a composition, we have developed our own processes to perform a clean separation. The precious metal purchased or delivered is freed from contamination by qualified specialists thanks to the latest technologies. For this purpose, a special melting process is carried out. After the melting process, the precious metal is passed through various working processes. This alloy or separation of contents of the precious metal takes place according to legal regulations. The precious metal (999.9 o/oo content) is recovered in its pure form. With this purity value, granulates / semi finished products are manufactured according to customer requirements. In all pure metals are included gold, silver, platinum and palladium.


Purchase of old gold or old silver

Incoming inspection | weight control



Fire test
  Wet chemical analysis

Silver bars / granules

Gold bars / gold leaflets




Precious metal recycling is the recovery of precious metals from all products / remains containing precious metals. From a certain concentration, this occurs directly in the refinery. Scrap with a concentration of less than 0.01% gold, platinum, palladium or 0.5% of silver is usually pre-concentrated first.



The following documents shall be submitted for the commercial purchase and sale of precious metals:

  • Copy of business registration.
  • Trade register excerpt.
  • Declaration for VAT purposes by a tax consultant
  • Current tax certificate by a tax authority. The following information must be included in the documents:
    1. 1. The tax declaration obligations are currently being met
    2. 2. There is currently no tax owing.
  • For foreign companies: 
    The foreign sales tax identification number must be current and valid.
  • From the managing director: 
    Copy of identity card or passport with registration confirmation.
    For the delivery of precious metals by authorized persons:
    Copy of identity card and authorization from the managing director with signature and company stamp.

  Documentation for VAT purposes

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